This is an exciting year for my students. Using a simple yet powerful program called Rapid Weaver, not only have our 5th graders created websites, 4th and 3rd graders have created websites as well.

Each one of these student mini-sites will have a “My Files” page where you can find links to writing and other media projects. It is my hope that once these mini-sites are launched we can frequently upload our work for our parents and friends to enjoy.

Please keep in mind that beyond the spelling and punctuation you notice, a host of computer skills have been exercised. Students log into the school network, open last week’s work, extend and improve upon it, save it, and export it for upload to the web - all within a forty-five minute class period.

I am very proud of the work our boys and girls do, and I hope you are too.

Mr. Trimble, January 18, 2012
(This page created with Rapid Weaver.)